We’re delighted to have been recognised for our achievement in being pressure sore free here at Parkfield House for over two years.

Since 2017 we’ve been actively involved with the ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign spearheaded by the Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust, the Hillingdon Tissue Viability Nurses and Hillingdon CCG.  We have received a certificate signed by CNWL and a trophy in recognition of our ‘outstanding performance and valuable contribution to the Stop the Pressure Campaign in 2019’.

A pressure ulcer is an injury that occurs when excessive pressure is placed on one or more areas of skin. These painful and debilitating ulcers are particularly common in those who are immobile and need to be turned regularly.

Our staff have been trained to identify the early signs of pressure damage and take action to avoid further deterioration. Pressure sores can have a profoundly negative impact on residents’ wellbeing so prevention is certainly better than cure.

We’re proud of our excellent record and determined to make it to three years of being pressure sore free!