Glendeen Quow Home Manager Parkfield House

Our managerAbout Glendeen

Glendeen is a qualified nurse with over 20 years’ experience within both the NHS and social care, and is also a registered manager. She came to Parkfield in May 2022, fresh from managing another care home in the area and having built up some useful contacts within the local authority and the NHS.

She is passionate about being in what she describes as “a heart-warming sector”, and about working with her diverse team to deliver exceptional, person-centred care within a comfortable and homely setting. Glendeen is supported by deputy manager Gemma Fritz and the rest of the Parkfield team.

“You are part of our family, and it is important to us that you feel valued as a member of our home community.”

Glendeen QuowHome Manager

Our home manager is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, carers, housekeeping, activities, facilities, administrative and catering staff who all receive regular in-house training from our learning and development team.

One of the best things about Parkfield is that it really feels like a home. We are lucky to have such a beautiful, elegant building for our residents to live in, and our staff work hard to make it homely and comfortable. We are proud of our care, too. Our dedicated and highly trained staff provide exceptional nursing, dementia and palliative care with compassion and professionalism, while preserving our residents’ dignity.

The mix of people who live here is a big part of what makes Parkfield so special. Everybody socialises together, where possible, so we find that a lot of our residents like to look out for each other and to befriend and help people older or less able than themselves. We find that makes for a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a strong family feel, and helps our residents to make friends and enjoy