Parkfield House Nursing Home, based in Uxbridge, have recently adopted the ‘Red Bag Scheme’, which has been developed in partnership with NHS Hillingdon Hospital Trust, Hillingdon CCG and Hillingdon Adult Social Care.

This simple but highly successful scheme helps our residents to receive quick and effective treatment, should they need to be transferred to hospital in an emergency. The bag contains important information about the resident, their medical history as well as personal belongings (such as clothes, glasses, hearing aids etc.) and it stays with the resident while they are in hospital.

When the residents are ready to go home, a copy of their discharge summary (which details every aspect of the care they received in hospital) will be placed in the red bag, so that our care home staff know all the required information, in order to continue their care most effectively.

The scheme has already seen a reduction in the time our residents spend in hospital, as well as offering a smoother admission and discharge, for both the hospital and care home staff. Our communication with hospital staff has also greatly improved, as fewer phone calls are needed to gather information about the resident as well as gaining a better understanding of each other’s roles.