Parkfield House Nursing Home


Hen Power at Parkfield

Part of the HenPower project at Parkfield House, Bo Chapman director of Salmagundi Films and talented Digital artist, joined Parkfield residents to create some fantastic digital art inspired by the hens.

Salmagundi Films is a not for profit arts organisation founded in 2004 by Zoe Flynn and Bo Chapman and based in Stratford, East London. The company works with people of all ages and abilities and those at risk of exclusion, using film and stop frame animation as a platform for creative expression – to give people a voice.

Equal Arts organisation who are the brains behind Hen Power, introduced Bo to the home, and she has been an influential force for the residents. In a recent craft session photos were taken of the residents holding the hens, then the residents recreated these images using ipads. Bo Chapman and her team have been using iPads since 2012, and they have been able to provide a wider range of Digital art projects as people young and old have found using the ipads easy and empowers them to push their creativity. The residents created some fantastic digital art pieces, all of the work from the session will be framed and will become Parkfield’s own little gallery at the home.