Parkfield Herald, by Audrey and Joan

Residents Audrey and Joan have now completed Issue 2 of the Parkfield Herald, which gives a round-up of all the events and activities that have taken place over the past... View Article

January Activities Programme

An active life is a healthier life, and can help to keep you more alert and mobile. Our activities co-ordinators are dedicated to making sure that your days are filled... View Article

Flower Arranging

With a donation of some beautiful flowers, it only meant one thing, a morning of flower arranging! With some eager and very creative residents, it was a lovely morning activity... View Article

Parkfield Christmas Party!

So much fun was had at the Residents Christmas Party! A big thank you to Martyn Halsey for entertaining us with all of our festive favourites. With lots of dancing,... View Article

Garden Centre Trip!

We always love to get out into the local area, and share happy memories when our residents were growing up in and around Uxbridge. With our friends from Oomph Wellness... View Article

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