Parkfield House Nursing Home


Congratulations Aarti – the sky’s the limit!

Our much-loved Quality & Training Co-ordinator (and one-time activities assistant) Aarti Lal is celebrating the completion of her Level 3 in Education & Training that she took to support her quality & training role – and has already started working towards her Level 5 in Leadership and Management! It’s an exciting time for Aarti as she’s also recently received her five-year long-service award here at Parkfield.

Aarti adopted a hard-working mentality very early on in her career. She went straight into full-time work immediately after finishing sixth form. Having gained her Level 2 in Business Administration, Aarti started at the home in February 2017 as a care assistant, and was soon promoted to the training role. Because she showed a real aptitude for and desire to support the planning of activities, Aarti was also adopted by the home’s wellbeing team, essentially performing two roles for a time! As a result, she has built up some specialised skills and is known throughout the organisation for always being ready to use these in support of residents and colleagues.

When she joined Parkfield, Aarti really didn’t have any idea as to how her career could develop. “I didn’t believe I had the potential or the skills to step forward,” she recalls. Fortunately, Aarti formed a productive working relationship with Wendy Bristow, Parkfield’s home manager, crediting Wendy for mentoring and instilling self-belief into her over the years. “I was encouraged and was made to believe in myself, that I can do more, and that this wasn’t the last step of my career,” she says.

The delivery of training within the home is an important role as it directly affects how well staff do their job and care for residents. It’s an aspect of her work that Aarti is extremely proud of, and she was able to draw on her experience of it while completing her Level 3. She has this to say: “The one big thing that I have taken away is knowing how to perform and bring out the best in someone by guiding them on the right path”.

At the home, although she’s no longer part of the wellbeing team (except in spirit!), Aarti still regularly goes out of her way to make residents smile, laugh and relax – simply because she really loves both her work and the residents!

“I love making a difference to their lives and want to continue doing that, providing a great quality of life by spreading positivity, care, and contentment. And as Mother Teresa says, ‘We will never know how much a simple smile can do’”, she says.

Aarti has lost no time in starting her Level 5 studies and is determined to give it her all. “I want to go forward and develop in my career and also help and guide my colleagues. Doing my Level 5 will help me to achieve both those aims. There’s a lot to do and it will be tough at times, but I’m up for the challenge and will give a hundred per cent to it!” she promises.